Social Committee

Looking for partners and activity ideas

Posted by Author on September 27, 2022 · 2 mins read

SRNA Social Committee: SRNA resident Rae deVan is offering to spearhead a Social Committee for our Neighborhood to encourage interactions among our residents. The goal of the social committee will be to make this neighborhood feel like a community, where we know, help, and try to understand each other. We'd like to start by having some meet-ups where neighbors can get to know each other and eventually expand into regular group meetups by interest (seniors, play groups, etc.), form a network of people willing to assist neighbors with various tasks (e.g. babysitting, yardwork, grocery pickup), and to celebrate seasons and holidays (e.g. summer garden harvest trades or give-aways, Easter egg hunts, Winter solstice lighting of the parks). Successful cultivation of the community would provide a strong sense of safety, connection, and hopefully a sense that we are all in this life together.

Rae envisions some general meetings and events throughout the year including block parties, summer harvest exchanges, senior meetups and playdates for families. If there is interest, we could incorporate events surrounding various holidays and include traditions from whatever background you have. Further, we could possibly create a network for folks who need assistance with household tasks, rides, babysitting. We could have events at Supper Rock Park and City View Park. We could maybe get neighbors interested in being a block captain.

About Rae: "I originally came to NM for graduate school almost ten years ago, and like many others, became enchanted and entrapped and now call Albuquerque home. By profession I am an ecologist, but I am much more excited about my passions, spending time playing in and appreciating the outdoors, hanging out with friends and family, raising my daughter, and growing plants." email: Send Rae an e-mail